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One of the best ways to get connected is by attending a Discover PBC class, joining a Life Group, and by actively serving in a ministry to make an eternal difference. Pray and ask God if He would have you join the PBC family. What Life Group is He leading you to? How is He calling you to serve?

If you need one-on-one help finding God’s place for you to serve in a PBC ministry or you want to get connected, please contact Pam Janney at

Life Groups


Life Groups at PBC are made up of small groups of people doing life together. Jesus came that we might have life. Life is all about Living In Faith Every day, Living In Fellowship Every day, and Living In Freedom Every day. The way we grow together as a church family is through these groups.

Life Groups consist of these four functions:


Find or start a Life Group! Life Groups at PBC help you do life with other people and grow in your walk with God. Life Groups meet at different times in multiple locations. We have Life Groups that meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM, along with many groups that meet during the week i.e., young couples, singles, men’s, women’s etc. Life Groups help you experience the abundance of life together and connect with other people! If you are interested in joining a group, please fill out the response card on Sunday morning, and place it in one of the black boxes as you leave.

Life Group Leadership: We believe that real-life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a Life Group Leader, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts, and live out the Great Commission. You must be a member of PBC to lead a Life Group. If you are interested in becoming a member or if you are not sure if you are a member, please come to Discover PBC or contact the church office for more information.

  1. Bible – We discuss and apply God’s Word.

  2. Prayer – We pray for one another.

  3. Service – We look for ways to bless others.

  4. Fun – We enjoy life together.


Life Groups at PBC are offered for all ages and all types of interests. Different groups meet various days of the week, at all different times, and in multiple locations. They gather weekly on a seasonal basis from January – May and September – December.

Sunday Morning Life Groups - There are four different adult groups that meet Sundays from 9:30-10:30am. Childcare is provided for your children in Sunday School.

7 Realities for Experiencing God - Lead by Cathey Bays

7 Realities for Experiencing God - Lead by Rodney Dellis

The Moses Study - Lead by Adam Nichols

Galatians - Lead by Kenny Woodall

Men’s Morning Life Group - A group of men gather each week at Delightful J’s Diner next to Glenwood Oil Gas on Tuesdays from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM to study one chapter of the Bible, open up about our struggles, and enjoy a delicious breakfast. If interested, contact for more information.

New Life Groups - If you’d like to start a new Life Group, let us help you make it happen. Your first step is to come to Discover PBC (link). As a member of our church family, you are ready to start leading a group. Where three or more are gathered, you have a Life Group!

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Life Groups
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Interested in joining the team at PBC?


Looking for a team to join? We have many ways for you to get connected and join a team! From the worship team to the tech team, being a deacon to being on a ministry team, you can find something for you! Here is a short list of teams you can join:

- Welcome Team
- Events/Decorating Team
- Kids Ministry
- Worship Team
- Tech Team
- Missions Team
- And More!

We are creating more teams and ministries as our church grows! If you want to join a team but aren’t sure where to get involved or have an idea of how to help, contact




Discovery Bay Children’s Ministry - Discovery Bay team members create an environment where children are consistently shown and taught to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, skits, small groups, greetings, games, and more!

The Wake Student Ministry - This team is building the next generation of middle and high school aged students, one dynamic worship experience, relevant small group, impactful retreat, and life-changing mission trip at a time!

Connecting Ministry – The connecting ministry offers opportunities to serve others and use your gift of hospitality through hosting the welcome table, greeting, and being part of the coffee team. This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at PBC.

Deacon Ministry - The Deacon ministry has both active and assisting deacons along with the opportunity to apprentice as a deacon. Active deacons shepherd families in the congregation through relationships, praying over their families, and setting an example of Christ-like servanthood for the entire body. Assisting deacons support the active deacons by providing tangible care to families in need such as delivering food, making repairs, or providing transportation. The apprentice deacon is simply a deacon-in-training.

Events/Decorating - Church-wide events are creatively planned and energetically hosted by this team who places priority on valuing people, serving with excellence, and pursing evangelism.

CarePortal - This team works with social services to extend tangible care to children in our community who are in need. They provide items such as beds, appliances, vehicles, repairs, etc., so that children can stay with their regular caregivers.

Outreach/Missions - This team is involved in both community and world outreach- doing everything from serving the Stanton River Schools Ministry and the local AGAPE ministry to joining God’s mission oversees. There are many different opportunities, so come find something that you can be a part of!



Interested in joining the team at PBC?

Internships: We have internships available both during the summer and semester year designed to give hands-on experience by working as part of our ministry teams i.e., youth, music, and audio-visual ministries. Personal mentoring and leadership training will equip these upcoming leaders in future ministry. If you are interested in an internship, please contact our senior pastor at

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