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JUNE 13 - 17, 2022



Palestine Baptist Summer Camp Information

Location: Ridgecrest Conference Center

Dates: June 13th - 17th (leaving 9:00 AM on the 13th, returning 5:00 PM on the 17th)

Cost: $50 deposit for each student.


Amenities: Students are placed in housing based off of the church they attend. (Our students are

only in rooms with our students and adults). Boys and girls stay in separate buildings throughout

the campus. The group leader from each church can assign students in rooms however they

would like, meaning students can be placed with other students and adult leaders that they are

comfortable with. Most camper housing is suite style dorms with two people per room sharing a

bathroom with another room of two.


Adults/Staff: There is a 5:1 student to adult ratio. All adults attending FUGE camps have been

through a background check process. Students are continually monitored by our adults throughout the course of the day. There is additional staff provided by the camp location who lead students through Bible Study and activities throughout the day. These staff members are specifically trained to lead and mentor students!


Activities: FUGE camps offer a variety of different activities for students! It also gives students

opportunities to pick which activities they want to participate in. The RCC campus offers a

campus bookstore, tennis courts, gym, lake with kayaking, hiking trails, and more!


Below is a list of activities this location offers:


Tracks: Crafts, Creative Movement, Creative Painting, Drama, Guitar, Percussion, Backpacking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Water Sports, Basketball, Battlekall, Sport Track (Flag Football, Softball), Active Track (Soccer, Volleyball), Frisbee Track (Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee), Outdoor Games (Gagaball, Spiceball, Other Outdoor Games), Table Games,

Apologetics, For Girls Only, How to Grow in Your Faith, Lifestyle Evangelism, Spiritual Gifts,

The Man Track, Christian Leadership


Here is a look at what your student will experience each day at camp:


Quiet Time: Each morning, students will have the opportunity to spend time with the Lord, working through a devotion we provide to reinforce the camp theme.


Morning Celebration: Camp attendees will gather to kick off each day in a high- energy way

with worship, games, and a word from the camp pastor.


Bible Study: Spending time in God's Word in top priority at FUGE. Whether led by one of our

staff members or someone from your church's group (depending on program), everyone at camp

will engage in group Bible Study each day.


Worship: Each evening, all camp attendees gather for a time of corporate worship, prayer, and a

message from the comp pastor that reinforces the biblical theme for the day.


Church Group Devotion: During this time your student will participate with their church group

to unpack the way the Lord is working in their lives during their time at camp.


Night Life: These events take place in the afternoon or evening at camp and allow students to

participate in camp programming in a really fun, interactive way!


** If vou have anv additional questions, please contact Jonathan Mitchell at (540 -871-5443)



MATCHLESS ONE OVERVIEW: The Bible is filled with stories of ordinary people God

used in extraordinary ways to teach character and truth. Through Isaac's life, we learn about

sacrifice. Joseph's life shows us the hard-fought beauty of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Abraham's story teaches us about obedience and forgiveness. From Esther, we learn how to be

bold and courageous and take risks. One person in Scripture in the full and complete embodiment of every good trait any other character ever displayed - Jesus. He is the MATCHLESS ONE.


Join us for FUGE Camps 2022 as we study the lives of these well-known Old Testament

characters and see the story of Jesus foreshadowed in their lives.

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VBS is coming soon!!!

June 20-23 (6:00 PM -8:30 PM)

Family Fun Day - Sunday June 26 - Mark your calendars, invite family, friends, and neighbors.

Sign up today to volunteer during this exciting week. You can reach out to Regina Newman, Leah Maslen, or Tonya Bates. You will definitely want to be a part of this fun filled exciting week!!!

~Sign-up link coming soon~